June 19 2018

Who Is Ty ThaGod

My Story.

Sometimes, roses bloom in the most desolate places and circumstances intended to destroy a beautiful spirit is the push needed to elevate them to the peaks of greatness. Hip Hop is no stranger to hardship and East Coast emcee Ty ThaGod is a testament to the sunshine after the storm when music is your muse and lyricism is fuel to your fire.

A native of New Haven, CT, Ty ThaGod began to gravitate towards music at an early age a form of therapy. Growing up without his mother took a heavy toll on the young lyricist, yet music and the unwavering love from his father molded him into a passionate, fearless wordsmith. Ten years after writing his first rap song, Ty ThaGod found himself engulfed in the street life; a young hustler grinding in the game with music always in the back of his mind.

At 17 years old, a complete stranger blessed him with everything he needed to begin his career; lacing him with a mixing board, microphone and a plethora of beats. Ty ThaGod’s creativity drifted into overdrive as he started to refine his craft as a writer and artist.

That stranger became Ty ThaGod’s guardian angel as he taught him how to record himself and use computer software that would positively impact his sound. The guidance kept the young artist away from the grimy street life and reinforced that the music scene was exactly where he belonged.

It wasn’t long after that Ty ThaGod signed with Young Records, an indie label based in Hartford Ct, under the moniker Yung Swaggz. With the assistance of his friend and former manager Damone McCullum, He was able to land his song Out Here Getting Paper on the official soundtrack for the 2015 movie Diamond Ruff. His first major record, Out Here Getting Paper opened Ty ThaGods’s eyes to the longevity of and necessity for his sound in the industry. It was another push in the right direction for the rising star.

The strategic plan of the Ty ThaGod brand is to familiarize consumers both within and beyond the Tri-State area with his name and sound. Through a consistent release of powerful singles, including Success, and Rotation, and his latest single Running it up and Might not make it. listeners across the world will slowly embrace the Ty ThaGod sound as his reality based flavor and down to earth vibes impact hearts and ears everywhere.

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I am

Ty ThaGod

I’m just a highly confident person who’s passionate towards being a creative when it comes to imagination nothing is possible. The kid in me never died off as I got older so I see the world as a canvas and every song is a simple artwork of the picture I made in my mind to share with the world

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