June 19 2018


All My musical works Are

Inspired by my come up

my come up is defined as unique on its own. No matter the trails and tribulations that I go through, all that seems to add on to my story and makes the testimony even more powerful to tell when I reach my destination. No matter what I stay Running it up and securing the bag (prize)

The Greatest ever

Throughout my journey of life I understand that there is a past time or expiration date from beginning to the end of the cycle. i also understand that my journey is my journey and my path is my walk of life and no matter what happens I will consider myself as The Greatest ever to whatever I set my mind too at the greatest ability


As an artist there’s nothing I don’t see that I can’t do. nothing is impossible to my eye for what I see I can accomplish.

coming alive

We all have a happy place that we enter when life is trying to knock us down or take us out of our element at that point we tend to look for an escape from what we going through. some turn to drugs. some  turn to sex. some turn to another person to hear them out. i turn to my microphone. To me That’s where I’m most happy with life. That’s where I feel free and nothing else matter. when I’m on that stage or in that booth performing doing what I love to do, That’s where I come alive the most.

My Story

My story is unique on it’s own through the many obstacles I endured and challenges I faced I turned out to be the beast locked in the cage aware of my potential to push hard and GO HARD FOR MY DREAM! If you want to know my story you should visit the who is Ty ThaGod page to find out 

Nobody knows your story unless you tell it. Nobody knows your dreams unless you share them and nobody knows you unless you introduce yaself to make a connection


we all have....

we all have something that makes us unique in our own way some are painters, some are builders, some are speakers what makes us unique is what we decide to do with the talents god gave to us!


i am Ty ThaGod

artwork from my singles and projects